We Build BCN

Much more than just constructing

We put our skills and experience at your service. We are experts at constructing, renovating and buying apartments, commercial spaces and houses, and we use that expertise to help you in the sensitive process of bringing your vision of a home into life. After decades of experience doing this, we have learnt specialist skills and expertise are essential to build good houses, but it is connecting with each one of our clients at a personal that makes it possible to build not just a wonderful house, but also a true home.
We are more than just a construction company: we are also a real estate consultancy and we’re experts on building homes and managing the real needs of our clients.

A personal coach for your apartment
even when you are abroad



  • > Personal shopper Estate
  • > Property Sales
  • > Apartments for rent
  • > Consulting with API and court expert
  • > Valuations

New Construction

  • > New construction properties, isolated or between parties, of one or more plants, with any structural system and with any type of finishes
  • > Extensions of existing homes, horizontally, vertically or both
  • > Concrete structures
  • > Swimming pool construction prefabricated or mixed. With treatment system included, fully finished and ready for use and enjoyment
  • > Retaining Walls land, solar fencing, cisterns, tanks collect rainwater


  • > Reforms of flats
  • > Reform Communities (light wells, stairs, etc)
  • > Reforms premises
  • > Renovation of bathrooms and kitchens
  • > Rehabilitation of facades
  • > Synthetic laminate flooring
  • > Metal Exterior carpentry
  • > Woodwork
  • > Locksmith


  • > Building Homes: Installation of electricity, water, sanitary, heating, intercom, phone, TV, security and parking ventilation
  • > Industrial Building: Rush, reactive energy advice, power lines, variable frequency control, automation, scheduled preventive maintenance
  • > Commercial Building and office premises: Lighting structured networks, air conditioning and ventilation
  • > Energy saving and serving the electrical engineering industry
  • > Water treatment, decalcification, closed circuits and lobbyists
  • > Engineering: Design and calculation of facilities approved projects
  • > Ingeniería: Diseño y cálculo de instalaciones, proyectos visados
  • > Energy Savings: Call Charges, studio consumption, optimizing procurement, use of electricity
  • > Official Licenses: Electrical Installers (REIE) Water Installers (IA), Gas Installers (REIG), thermal installations, heating and air conditioning (REITE)

As approved installers, certify facilities and offer maintenance contracts complying with current legislation

We don't build just houses
we build homes

Why Us?



You need a home. Maybe you will be there for the rest of your life or just a year, but, one way or the other, it needs to feel like a HOME. Building one is a complex science, even an art! You have been there: you are searching for a new place to live or you have that uncomfortable feeling that your house is not actually a home to you, and you know that every detail must be perfect. It’s not a small deal!

El problema

The Problem

Many construction companies have grown to the point where they have forgotten the “human factor”. They know what they do, but they manage too many clients and, in the end, they’re good doing what they do - yet they’re not that good at doing specifically what YOU, the client, needs.

La solución

The Solution

Forget about big companies and come with us. We care about you. We decided to intentionally manage fewer projects to care more about each one of them. It’s not about doing more and more, but developing each project in its own personal best way: looking for every tiny detail and becoming a personal coach for your apartment or house, even looking after it while your away.


Otras empresas

Other Companies

  • Other companies see your house or apartment as an isolated project, they set a fee and look to finish it as soon as possible to remain very effective despite what you may need.
  • Big companies need to unify processes and usually treat projects all the same.
  • Big companies have their own professionals and they work always with them. You’re paying for a hierarchy of people that may be bigger than you need or just not right for your specific needs.
  • Used to the same teams and processes, big companies end having static formulas. They are good, but they have hit a comfort zone.
  • Most national companies have problems communicating with people from other countries. Language turns into a barrier.

We Build BCN

  • We see you as a new alliance: we will finish the project effectively, but then we will look after your home: all needed maintenance (community management, supplies, lawyers, etc). We are a personal coach for your house even while you are abroad.
  • We tailor each process to fit the needs of each project.
  • We have a wide net of different professionals that become our allies depending on the project. We basically build a team for you a la carte.
  • We tailor processes and build a la carte teams, so each project is different. This way, we learn and grow with each step we take. Each day we’re better and wiser, because we’re not afraid of learning.
  • We’ve spent a lot of time abroad, working in other countries. Language is NOT a barrier. We even had to build a home both in our homeland and in other country, so we truly understand our client’s experience. We’re a truly cosmopolitan company.

We treat each project in a unique and different way


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Our Projects

We’ve talked a lot about how we care about each of our projects, so it’s logical we’re pretty proud of them. Here we showcase some of the most beautiful homes we’ve built so far. The next one could be yours! ;)

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